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Bonsai Portugal

Bonsai means the cultivation, treatment, care of a tree planted in a tray

It is a technique by which it is in a tree planted in a pot, looks like an older tree, with the marks of time and slow growth in its branches and trunk.

But it's not just the look of old. The bonsai is a plant that despite the difficulties of climate and terrain survive and overcome the biggest obstacle, time.

For win these characteristics, the bonsai receives care through the years by pruning branches and roots and driving and plant education. Thus, it keeps its size, its trunk thickens, its shape is defined. But until the job is done, it is called pre-bonsai.

The bonsai is not only an art, it is art and sensitivity, it is not only a "tiny tree," he has been successful over the years and on the ground, he is fighting a relentless warrior on the rocks and the wind. It provides a representation of a plant in the most adverse conditions of nature.